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UPLIFT is home for One Source Waking Up. Working together we can create a better world for all.

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From Festival to Global Community

Welcome to UPLIFT Festival: Born a festival in Byron Bay, we are transforming into a global movement of co-creation.

In this time of powerful, transformative change, many individuals and organizations are doing incredible, evolutionary work in the world. Yet, as long as we remain working in isolation, our impact on the whole will always be limited. What is now called for is a new paradigm of collaboration, where global pioneers in science, spirituality, health, indigenous wisdom, business, sustainability and creativity can come together to discover what new possibilities emerge when we unify our visions and actions for the greater good of all.

The fundamental intention and purpose of UPLIFT is to support the shift in global consciousness by creating a dynamic space of fresh collaboration, where the unique gifts, wisdom and skills of each individual (including YOU!) can weave into the collective and be revealed in ways that are beyond what any of us could imagine or achieve on our own.

Born as a festival of transformation in Byron Bay, Australia in December 2012, UPLIFT festival has rapidly evolved into a thriving global community of events, new projects and unprecedented collaboration in service of humanity and the Earth. From this spirit of community and connection, many unique partnerships have emerged in a very short amount of time, manifesting in global initiatives in all areas of life - including projects devoted to cleaning the rivers in India and waters of the world, empowering visionary youth activists, mentoring conscious business leaders, inspiring health and sustainability on a global level, facilitating transformative reconciliation and peace gatherings in the middle east and supporting indigenous cultures throughout the world.

Anchored in the fundamental belief that there is no separation between the spiritual path and the material world, and that together we are far greater than the sum of our parts, UPLIFT serves as a bridge of new possibility for Humanity and the Earth, empowering each of us to harvest our unique magnificence while celebrating Oneness in action in the word.

UPLIFT festival is not just another festival. UPLIFT is a dynamic space of unexpected discovery, a birthplace of new possibilities. UPLIFT is an opportunity to dream huge... and together ignite a powerful, positive wave of unified action in the world. WELCOME!


UPLIFT is home for One Source Waking Up. Working together we can create a better world for all.