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An Interview with Bharat Mitra

At the close of 2012, a small festival was born in Byron Bay, Australia with a vision of bringing together leaders and visionaries from many lands and walks of life to authentically explore what possibilities emerge when we unify our gifts, visions and passion for the greater good of all. Now four years, three festivals and multiple global events, experiences, partnerships and collaborative initiatives later, the rhythms of UPLIFT have woven their way around the world into places no one could have imagined. Recently a fresh seed of pure expression has emerged into the circle, revealing a new layer to the journey… in the form of a song. A song which is now finding its way into airport lounges, concert halls and cathedrals, inviting all of humanity to sing along; to remind us that we are all unique expressions of One Source Waking Up.

Bharat Mitra (the founder of ORGANIC INDIA and UPLIFT), shared a glimpse into what is emerging on the path of UPLIFT and One Source Waking Up.

How has UPLIFT been a journey of emergence?

Over the last few years in the field of UPLIFT, some of the most inspired, truthful, courageous leaders of different walks of life have come together to genuinely explore, discover and be present to what is possible, what emerges when we gather in genuine service to the whole.

UPLIFT festival
UPLIFT festival

As we look at life, we know we need a change. We need an evolution. The current system is failing us on virtually every level. There are many people who are dedicated to being of service to humanity and the planet at this time, and it’s easy for us to jump to our idea of a solution – if only we could clean the water. If only we could clean the air. If only we had social justice. All great and important causes. And yet at some point we must realize that all these problems we are trying to fix are only reflections of the collective consciousness we are all living in. And by trying to fix the reflection without addressing the source of that reflection, no real transformative change can occur.

The solutions that we are capable of coming up with as a result of our thinking and best intentions are in most cases based on what we think we know from the past… therefore still made of the same raw material that the problem itself is made of.

But there is a whole other dimension. A whole other way of participating that comes from being-ness, where our actions are no longer limited to our previous experiences, knowing and agendas. They emerge instead from being totally connected to the present moment.

In this way, UPLIFT has been wild and magical and beautiful… unknown and unpredictable. It is amazing to be part of an experience where visionary minds and hearts are letting go of what each one thinks he or she knows in order to discover something greater than any of us could have imagined. To explore how the collective wisdom, capabilities, gifts, expressions, networks, resources of many of us together opens a field of infinite possibilities. From this space many initiatives, partnerships and collaborations have sprung forth spontaneously.

Circle singing
Celebrating our true nature as a global community of unity

Honoring the emergence of a fresh note

In recent months, from the heart of this circle, in the most spontaneous and surprising way, a song has emerged. A song by humanity, for humanity, celebrating our true nature as a global community of unity. From Australia to England, Israel and India, around the world, people have felt called to participate, inviting others to sing along.

And now the song is literally “playing me” and others wherever we go… and people are joining in. It might be a Skype call with one of my friends, I might I take out my ukulele at the airport and suddenly everyone in the airport is joining in. It might be in a gathering or concert hall or festival arena. And the most amazing thing about this song is that people seem to already know it. They listen for the first time and they join in at the very beginning.

The words to the song are quite simple.

We are one heart.
We are one light.
We are One Source, waking up.
Living one heart, beaming one light.
Being One Source waking up.
Hallelujah we are One.
Om Shalom Salam Amen
Om Shalom Salam Amen.
Om Shanti Om.

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What becomes possible when we bring our hearts and voices together?

I cannot tell you how many times people came to Papaji (Sri H. W. L. Poonja, Bharat Mitra’s master and teacher in India) with the most complicated self inquiry and questions. Who am I and what is the connection between my soul, mind and body? Deep inquiry or long letters about their journey, and Papaji would read it all and listen to all their questions and in the end would often say, ‘Let’s sing a song.’

Sometimes just by singing a song together the most fundamental natural space of Oneness reveals itself. Not through talking or understanding any new concepts or great ideas, just by being and singing a song together. And in this way, a space is created out of which Oneness is no longer just a concept or idea, but it becomes our own direct experience of ourselves and each other. And from here, everything is possible.

For a moment all of your questions and inquiries, all the things you have been busy on for so many years, are set aside. You put the mind aside and sing, and the revelation of that which is already dancing in your heart begins to reveal itself. The answers you are looking for are no longer required because the question is no longer there.

Singing as one
Singing as one

Oneness as a concept vs. Oneness as an experience

Joining voices is an ancient practice of the human family from time immemorial. To come together in ritual, to come together in a way that allows us to experience directly the nature of Oneness.

The thing about oneness is it cannot be a concept. An idea. It has to be a real discovery that comes from a direct experience. When we sing we don’t think. When we sing, we breathe. We are free to let go. We take a moment to put the mind aside and sing, and in this moment that which is already dancing in our heart begins to reveal  itself.

And singing it, being it, loving it. That is enough to open up a whole dimension of co-creation aligned with the reality of being One Source. We are waking up to the reality that the different expressions of the One Source; that we do not need to separate ourselves from each other. We can celebrate the diversity and the genius, the mystery and endless creative expression where we are no longer limited to the appearance of separation, but can be embraced by a deeper reality where we are already One.

What’s next for the Song and One Source Waking Up?

The song is an invitation and it is facilitating emergence in quite incredible ways, calling each of us to find our own unique voice and expression of what it really means to be One Source Waking Up. And the invitation is for the whole of humanity to join in, in such a way that each one of us can literally bring in our own voice to the circle. It is like a ritual of your own commitment to be present with the emergence of humanity discovering its own true nature; your own willingness to take responsibility and co-create a reality which is in tune with and reflection of our true nature of Oneness… Where we are no longer being a victim to anyone or anything; where each one of us is participating in the way that we are meant to, co-creating heaven on earth. To be true to this incredible gift of being alive. Being alive.

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