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Joining our voices together in song activates our connection to Source

Sometimes just by singing a song together the most fundamental natural space of Oneness reveals itself… From here, everything is possible.
– Bharat Mitra

In virtually every land and culture there are songs that have been played and sung together collectively from the beginning of recorded time. In Australia, voice and didgeridoo have come together for over 50,000 years as tools to awaken spirit, heal bodies and share story. From ancient Greece and Egypt, to tribal nations across the globe, songs and chants have been fundamental elements of ceremony, pilgrimage, hunting, planting, marriage and birth. King David played the harp to soothe the masses, the sound of trumpet and voices caused the walls of Jericho to crumble. Songs have united armies charging into battle and honored the passing of our lost ones when all of the fighting is through.

It is very strong in our DNA to come together and join in singing. It is not reserved to an elite group but accessible to all. A fire, a guitar, a few chords and a willingness to participate are all that is needed. Music allows us to come together and experience a collective moment of unity in a very tangible way.
– Avishai Barnatan, musician and sound healer

Avishai Barnatan
Avishai Barnatan

What if, amidst our great diversity, there was a way to gather humanity and sing one song together with a fundamental purpose of reminding us that at our very core, we are One?

UPLIFT and the birth of One Source Waking Up

Since its inception, the experience of UPLIFT has always included a rhythmical weaving of song, spoken word and movement – each element supporting and catalyzing deeper experience of the next. In response to our modern human tendency to rush into action, trying to fix the problems and challenges we face on the planet, one of the fundamental aims of UPLIFT is to interrupt that pattern long enough to bring participants and presenters alike into a genuine space of “being” connected. To create an opportunity for people to have a genuine experience of Oneness – with life, each other and Self – and from this space begin to open to what new inspiration and true creative action rise naturally to be expressed in the world.

Knowing that we cannot solve the planets problems with the same consciousness that created them, how do we elevate our consciousness in order to see and experience new possibilities beyond our current reality?

One simple and powerful way that UPLIFT is now discovering this is through song.

Specifically, a song with ancient roots, sparked in a small conscious gathering in the hills of Byron Bay, Australia, and now finding its way into airport lounges, concert halls and cathedrals around the world, with an invitation for all of humanity to sing along,

Om Shalom Salam Amen in Jerusalem

Om Shalom Salam Amen

It is a simple song with words that have deep meaning and energetic charge throughout human history. Each word of the title and chorus has been used with great reverence and intention by different nations, cultures and religions. Now we have the opportunity to experience and express them in one song together.

In the words of UPLIFT founder Bharat Mitra, “The song is an invitation and it is facilitating emergence in quite incredible ways, calling each of us to find our own unique voice and expression of what it really means to be One Source Waking Up. This song showed up and now it is literally ‘playing me’ and others wherever we go… and people are joining in. And the most amazing thing about this song is that people seem to already know it. They listen for the first time and they join in at the very beginning.”

The lyrics of the song are:

We are one heart.
We are one light.
We are One Source, waking up.
Living one heart. Beaming one light.
Being One Source waking up.

Hallelujah we are One.

Om Shalom Salam Amen.
Om Shalom Salam Amen.

Om Shanti Om.

Words and meaning

Om is a mystical sound and syllable, considered the most sacred mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism, appearing at the beginning and end of most Sanskrit recitations, prayers, and texts.

Shalom is a Hebrew word meaning peace, harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, and welfare.

Salaam is a Muslim salutation signifying peace, often accompanied a deep bow with the right palm on the forehead.

Amen is a Hebrew word (thought to be derived from a ’aman , which means “he confirmed, supported, or upheld.” ) used primarily in Christian religions at the end of a prayer or hymn, meaning ‘so be it’.

Om, Shalom, Salaam, Amen
Four words with similar and complimentary meaning with fundamental expression in four of our planet’s largest religions. Four pathways which have catalyzed great expansion and connectedness in humanity, while also being at the source of great conflict and separation in the world. What better way to both symbolically and literally unify these diverse paths than by sharing in a song which honors the gift of each together?

Sounds and frequency

Modern science has demonstrated what indigenous people have always known, that sound has the power to impact our physical bodies, our nervous system, our emotions and even the physical environment around us.

Joining Earth in song

Om, Shalom, Salaam, Amen all have sound elements in common that actually carry a frequency which facilitates connection on a basic physiological level. And some research suggests that the vibrational frequency of the sound Om (which is present in all four of these words) is the basic sound of the Universe and a direct match for the vibrational frequency of our own planet Earth. When we sing Om, we are quite literally joining Earth in song. The prayerful chanting nature of the Om Shalom Salaam Amen song also brings us into a rhythmical cycle with our breathing, slowing down our nervous system, calming our mind, literally creating more room for inspiration (Latin meaning, “the breath of God”) to come through.

Interestingly, different cultures meditate on words that sound very similar—beginning with an “ah” or “oh” and ending with an “m” or “n,” like a parent humming to a baby. Om. Shalom. Salaam. Amen. These words are often translated as meaning “peace” because they help you to experience it. The word “one” works just as well.
– Dean Ornish, physician and founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute

Invitation and intention

Central to the overall mission of UPLIFT is an invitation for each of us to let go of our agendas and knowing from the past long enough to enter into the direct experience of Oneness and our own true nature in such a way that fresh inspired energy and ideas are free to emerge into the space. The Om Shalom Salaam Amen song is one such seed of fresh possibility that has emerged and is now growing into the garden of life with an invitation for all of humanity to join in.

The steps are simple:

  • Rest in being-ness and experience the song
    In the words of UPLIFT founder Bharat Mitra, “Sometimes just by singing a song together the most fundamental natural space of Oneness reveals itself. Not through talking or understanding any new concepts or great ideas, just by being and singing a song together. And in this way, a space is created out of which Oneness is no longer just a concept or idea, but it becomes our own direct experience of ourselves and each other. From here, everything is possible.”
  • Share your voice
    The vision of Om Shalom Salaam Amen is to create a real opportunity for all of humanity to join in, in such a way that each one of us can actually contribute own unique voice to the song. To this end, the UPLIFT team is currently at task building an mobile App for people all around the world to listen, sing and record their own voice in an evolving track that will grow into a global choir singing the one song. Imagine the whole world singing the same song together! A song of peace, unity and new possibility. The aim is to share and expand this expression until at least 1 billion people have contributed their voice.
  • Open to what comes next
    The Om Shalom Salaam Amen song is one expression of the mission and journey of One Source Waking Up. With it comes an invitation for each of us not only to bring our unique voice into the world through the song, but to awaken our unique expression and play our note in the great symphony of life. In Bharat Mitra’s words, “We claim our own willingness to take responsibility and co-create a reality which is in tune with and a reflection of our true nature of Oneness. Where each one of us is participating in the way that we are meant to, co-creating heaven on earth. To be true to this incredible gift of being alive.”

Stay tuned here for updates on the Om Shalom Salaam Amen mobile App and other elements that are emerging on the path of One Source Waking Up!

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