By Shaa on Friday September 25th, 2015
One Source Waking Up

The World's largest sacred chant, bringing humanity together into a shared experience of what unifies us

Be part of One Source Waking Up – a global chant for the collective awakening of humanity. With a core intention of global unification, you’ll be joining us in making history in co-creating the world’s largest ever cross-cultural chant.

Instead of being conducted in synchronised meditation style, the chant will be a rolling event, allowing thel baton to be passed from site to site around the globe. Starting on the east coast of Australia, and moving westward to the banks of the Ganges in India and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, participation will occur in a wave of overlapping chants passing through seventy-seven locations around the world.

The chant itself is a distillation of sacredness, reverence, respect and above all unity from a diverse range of cultures.

Om (Buddhist): the seed of the universe; Shalom (Judaism): peace, Salaam (Islam):peace; Amen (Judaism/Christian): so be it.

Beginning with ‘Om, Shalom, Salaam, Amen’, One Source Waking Up offers the potential for growth and inclusion of expressions of unity and higher awareness from widely diverse cultures from across the planet. These first four words bring a fusion and collaborative spirit between four of the worlds largest spiritual traditions. In addition, contributions are invited from other spiritual and indigenous cultural traditions in order to weave an auditory tapestry of unity that is as inclusive as possible.

Israel Jerusalem Temple MountThe Temple Mount in Jerusalem

One of the goals of One Source Waking Up is to co-crate a transformative event in Jerusalem uniting all the religions of Abraham in an unprecedented act of musical unity.

The universality of music and chant make possible an unspoken connection that goes beyond language, dogma or creed, into the essential experience of the underlying unity of all humanity.

Imagine a million people gathered arm in arm around the Temple Mount in Jerusalem singing together a sacred chant composed of the primary prayers of each of their traditions. Would the Middle East ever be the same again? We believe One Source Waking Up has the potential to ignite an experience of oneness that would be transformational for the global population. It’s a simple, but profound, idea….singing together, we can realise that harmony is just a song away.

The One Source Waking Up campaign will launch in October in Monterey, Mexico at the Worldwide Meeting on Human Values. You can find out more about this inspiring event at the link below and learn how to participate, both in person and by tuning in through the global livestream event on UPLIFT.

Worldwide Meeting On Human ValuesWorldwide Meeting On Human Values

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