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The massive earthquakes in Nepal left over a million families without a roof just before monsoon season. Many of these people are in remote areas where it has been difficult to deliver effective aid. UPLIFT are teaming up with the ‘Tents to Nepal’ initiative to get immediate relief to where it is needed most on the ground. Time is of the essence in this effort, so please donate as generously as possible to this initiative.

Tents are being delivered on the ground to villages in Gorhka province at the epicenter of the earthquakes through the “Believers” network of Nepali volunteers and helicopter pilots.

Now in collaboration with ABARI, a sustainable construction & design company and Learning Planet, an NGO dedicated to responsible schools, #TentsToNepal are providing high quality canvas for community spaces, health posts and transitional classrooms made with bamboo and salvageable material in 14 districts surrounding Gorkha. Long lasting canvas, tools and training are offered to the local communities, who approve the designs, and participate in the set-up process.


100% of your contribution will go directly to paying for the canvas that is needed for the tent production facility that has been set up in Kanpur, Northern India and for shipping tents and supplies into Nepal. This crisis provides us with an opportunity to model Love In Action, and to work together with our partners in Nepal and India to demonstrate the basic human goodness that is our intrinsic nature. Rather than seeing this as charity, we invite you to see this as co-creation in action, where we work together for the greatest good of all.

Here’s where to see how your generous donations are being put to good use and to learn more about what’s happening on the ground.


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