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UPLIFT the World Sarvodaya

Amidst the many changes and challenges facing our planet at this time, there is a new shared vision which calls upon each of us to bring forth our unique gifts and contributions to the whole.

Imagine a place where poets and artists meet with scientists and ecologists, where indigenous elders gather with visionary youth. Where conscious evolutionaries meet with doctors, farmers, and teachers and each one comes to the circle to learn, share and discover what limitless possibilities emerge when we unify our gifts and passions for the greater good of all. Where our greatest challenges are recognized as our greatest gift – the opportunity to come together and create a world we love.

Combining the gift of intimate live events with the power of the internet to reach the world, UPLIFT is a bridge of love and consciousness into real world action, guided by a fundamental vision of Sarvodaya – Sanskrit meaning: “Upliftment for all”.


…A Celebration of inspired people, projects, creative initiatives, visionary ideas and consciousness in action coming together to create a world that works.

…An Invitation to each of us to discover our unique role and part to play in creating a new story for humanity and our planet. UPLIFT is not so much about who you came here to listen to or see but who you came here to be, and how each of us and all of us contribute to the whole.

…Co-Creation in Action. Through necessity and desire, the world is learning to come together in new ways and discover what great possibilities emerge when we unify our visions and actions for the greater good of all. Scientists, doctors, poets and musicians. Artists and ecologists, elders and youth. Each has a vital role to play and UPLIFT is a place where ALL (including YOU!) are called forth to bring our gifts to the greater circle.

…A Global Festival a Rising Movement, a Media Channel, devoted to sharing the good news and challenging who you are. Together, we can make a difference.

We can change the world and weave a new story for humanity and our planet. In fact, we already are.

And the greatest part is that no single individual has all the answers. This is a time of profound collaboration and we see YOU as a vital part of this mission. We’d love to weave your voice and vision into all that is being created keep you updated on the launch of new projects, events and initiatives around the world.


Born as a festival of transformation in Byron Bay, Australia in December 2012, UPLIFT has rapidly evolved into a thriving global community of events, new projects and vibrant collaboration in service of humanity and the Earth.

UP:IFT The World Festival

In brief, UPLIFT began as a 4-day live event (a birthday party to be exact), bringing together global pioneers in science, spirituality, health, sustainability, creativity, youth and indigenous wisdom to explore dynamic solutions to our planet’s greatest challenges and discover new pathways of working, living and creating together for the good of all. The slightly longer story is that in its 3 years of existence, the diverse collection of guests and presenters has not only given birth to an extremely interactive live and virtual event, it has also given rise to a wide variety of unique collaborations, partnerships and ongoing initiatives which have begun springing up all over the world. Projects to clean the waters of India, empower inner-city youth, support peace and reconciliation in the Middle East and to help empower Indigenous cultures around the world (to name a few). The purpose of UPLIFT has become to “Co-create Oneness in action in the world”, and therefore the festival is not only a great convergence of consciousness, but serves as an annual celebration to honor all of the great actions and initiatives that have come to fruition since the last festival.

UPLIFT The World Quote

The overall goal: contribute to the shift in global consciousness by creating a dynamic space of fresh collaboration, where the unique gifts, wisdom and skills of each individual can weave into the collective and be revealed in ways that are beyond what any of us could imagine or achieve on our own.

UPLIFT is actually an acronym…. for Universal Peace and Love in a Field of Transcendance.

Since its inception, the team and global community of UPLIFT has developed a very inclusive interpretation of “festival” - such that any authentic expression of the underlying intention of Sarvodaya (Sanskrit for “UPLIFTment for all”) is recognized as a form of the festival taking shape in the world. In this way, UPLIFT has the possibility of happening everyday all around us. All those who feel called to the mission of generating more peace, love and new possibility for the planet are already playing a vital part of the global community of UPLIFT. In the words of festival founder Bharat Mitra, “Each one of us has our own unique gifts, purpose and role to play in this magnificent existence… and it is only when we all come together that this new era can manifest. We truly can create oneness in action in the world.”

Anchored in the fundamental belief that together we are far greater than the sum of our parts, UPLIFT is an opportunity to dream huge… and together to ignite a powerful, positive wave of unified action in the world.

When you join UPLIFT you are joining a global community committed to co-creating a new world together. Our pure invitation is for you to be and bring all that you are to this great circle and together we will discover what great possibilities emerge when we unify our gifts and passions for the greater good of all!

Whatever path has lead you here, WELCOME and thank you for being part of UPLIFT! Please send us a note and share your project and vision for the world.


UPLIFT is home for One Source Waking Up. Working together we can create a better world for all.